Aleksey Zaitsevsky

Web Log

The year 2021. Interceptor drone with net launcher.
Publication LT6771.

The year 2020. Bicycle wheel truing instrument.

The years 2019-2020. Prototypes:
Brake with a deceleration feedback;
Panoramic scan sonar;
DIY mechanical ventilator.

The year 2019. Message Sequence Analysis. Reconstruction of factors affecting a person’s opinion.
Publication LT6685.
Project Analytica.Today.

The year 2018. Delivery drone Mark-V.

The year 2018. How does the law characterize society?
Publication "Human husbandry".

The year 2018. How to monetize attention?
Startup PayAttention.

The year 2017. Concept Gentle Dynamics , game Fly Hunter and story about Lituanica.

The years 2016-2017. Necklace with tactile display. Emotion stimulation / expression / assistant / recorder for a virtual personality.

The years 2016-2017. Commerecialization of the Pointer project.
Stabilizer Pointer-Zoom.

The year 2016. Video camera linear oscillation stabilizer.
Publications: LT6336, WO2016153329.
Active vibration damper Shift Master.
Stabilizer Pointer-XV.

The year 2015. Optical Remote Control System. Anti-jammer.

The year 2015. Wired power supply for the aircraft.
Publication LT6316.
Altitude record and prototypes.

The year 2014-2016. Servo drive with controllable action force. Publications: WO2015119489, LT6223.
Presentation of F-Servo.

The year 2015. Testing of video camera stabilizers:
by using the moon
and with laser pointer.

The years 2014-2015. A stabilized platform for a video camera.
Publications: US9752717, WO2015119488, LT6222.
Inertial internal camera gimbal Pointer-I / II / III.

The year 2013. Servo drive with a proportionately controlled action force.
Publications: WO2014185759, LT6113.
Description of Force Servo.

The year 2013. Hovercraft that uses solar energy as the sole source of energy.

The year 2013. Camera rotating device.
Publication LT5945.
Rotation of the camera by using air propultion.

The year 2012. Experiments:
Control Moment Gyroscope;
Active vibration damper.

The year 2012. Manufacturing of drone kits for aerial photo and video shooting:
Ecilop Easy
and Ecilop Stereo

The year 2011. Method of installation and ejection of a rescue parachute on a helicopter.
Publication LT5872.
Rescuing systems for UAV.

The year 2011. Camera trcking and stabilization device.
Publication LT5816.
WIPO award.

The years 2010-2011. The method for strengthening the emotional perception of rhythmic sounds.
Publication LT5889.

The years 2010-2012. Stereoscopic video shooting by using radio controlled aircrafts.

The years 2005-2010. Articles related to RC hobby: Electric fuses;
Onboard pyrotechnics;
Servo modifications;
Hydrogen for aerostats.

The years 2009-2010. Devices: "Dancing Model",
RX Multiplexer,
Servo Timer,
RC Shutter.

The year 2010. The method of technical protection of the printed issues against copying.
Publication LT5868.
Program "CopyMark".

The years 2008-2012. Fireworks.

The year 2009. Camera trcking device.
Publication LT5753.
Description of the Double Sservo-Drive.

The year 2009. Method for remotely controlling the moving direction of a radio-controlled model.
Publication LT5754.
Device DirectionFinder.

The year 2008. Control method of electrical igniters.
Publication LT5603.
Device FireStarter.

The year 2008. Helicopter illuminating device.
Publication LT5601.
Device HeliStrobe.

The year 2008. Method for autenticate a printed production".
Publication LT5602.

The year 2008. Popular physics demonstrations: Kinetic generators,
High-voltage aircraft - Ion Lifter
Impulse electrolysis,
Measurement of changes of relative time density.

The years 2008, 2013. Hydraulic stimulator.
Project Soft Form.

The year 2008. Working out the protocol for the digital radiocommunication, assigned for the decentralized network of the mobile stations. Description.

The year 2007. The company My Research was founded.
A list of projects

The year 2007. The Open Air "Love Party" was arranged.

The year 2007. Printed product production method.
Publication WO2008100173.
Computer program Double_Bottom_Printing.

The year 2007. Method for producing a printed product comparsing more than two latent images.
Publication WO2008100172.
An example of realization.

The year 2007. Printed product.
Publication WO2008100171.
Product examples.

The year 2006. The party Open Air 10000 was organized.

The year 2006. Method for remotely controlling the flying altitude of a radio-controled aircraft model.
Publications: WO2008063101, RU2319191.
Device DistanceSensor.

The year 2005. The group dating site and was started.

The year 2005. Security label.
Publication WO2007027122.

The year 2005. Package provided with a protective element and method for the production thereof.
Publications: WO2006132562, EP1908607.

The year 2004. Printed product.
Publications: US7604257, CA2524332, EP1829709, WO2005053374.

The year 2004. Printied product and method for the production thereof. Publications: US7703809, CA2525475, RU2268152, UA86641, EP1645437, EA008960, WO2005022972. This and some further inventions were embodied in the software BSS Designer.

The year 2003. Electromagnetic field indicator. Designed for detection of the secret radio communication channels.

The years 2001-2004. A serviceman in the printing house; prepress master.

The year 2002. The method of technical protection of the printed issues against falsification.
Publication LT4922.
Computer program Matrix.

The year 2001. The EMF detector Reflex-Auto for automated lowering of loudness of the music while communicating via the radio-phone.

The year 2000: The system programmer, UAB Vilcomp

The year 1999 I was an employee of the design department "Profi" at the plant "Transmash".

In the year 1999 I founded and closed my first company.

The years 1997-1998: I had been working as a designer in the printing-house.

Within the year 1996 I had been earning extra by repairing the radio equipment and by installing the security alarm systems.

In the year 1990 I moved from Kiev to Vilnius (Lithuania). Favourite toys: designer's sets and matches. I was keen on electronics, programming and air modeling. I participated in the competitions.

Was born in february of 1979. Mother - Liudmila Zaitsevskaya, secretary-in-chief of the magazine "Reports of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR". Father - Vadim Zaitsevsky, a Candidate of engineering sciences, Institute of Telecommunication in Kiev.