Drone interceptor with a net gun

This drone interceptor is designed to catch light UAVs. High power-to-weight ratio is a competitive advantage of this concept. It allows the drone to fly fast. Before an attack, the target can be circumflown for identification. Drone rotors are used to spread the net. High-energy rotors allow the use of a larger net. At the moment of attack, the rotors accelerate and detach from the frame. At the same time, the net fastening straps are released. The Kevlar net blocks the target's rotors and disrupts the glider control. After an attack, the interceptor descends using a parachute and emits a sound signal. The interceptor can be reused. The interceptor does not contain any prohibited components. Racing drone components were used. The interceptor is launched from the container. Several containers with interceptors can be placed on a patrol car. A racing pilot can single-handedly operate the complex.

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