Interceptor drone with net launcher

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Patent LT-6771, Abstract

The drone, equipped with three or more rotors and a net launcher, is designed to mechanically block light unmanned aerial vehicles. The ratio between the drone's high engine thrust and low mass is its competitive advantage. These parameters allow it to fly fast. The net is launched in the drone rotors' thrust direction. This approach allows attacking the target, using the kinetic energy of a drone flying at full velocity. To launch the net, the rotors' thrust is used. During the attack, the rotors speed up to full rpm and are controllably detached from the drone. The kinetic energy of the rotors is converted into thrust while the propellers continue rotating by inertia. The net corners are attached to the rotors. The rotors with engines develop sufficient energy and are heavy enough to spread a net of a large area. This net size enhances the likelihood of catching the target.

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