ECILOP Stereo kit

A self-assembly kit for the ECILOP STEREO drone. Ecilop Stereo is designed for stereoscopic (3-D) filming from the air. The expanded stereo base gives the effect of 3-D space at a distance up to three hundred meters. Ecilop Stereo is built on the base of the Ecilop Easy frame. Differences from the Ecilop Easy: mounts for two GoPro cameras (Hero2 or Hero3), a longer balance beam, lack of landing skids, and a stand for transporting. The devices must be controlled by an experienced pilot because it must be launched and landed manually.

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Technical data:
Dimensions without propellers - 0.5x0.5x0.2 m.
Weight of the frame is 0,5 kg
Shipping weight is 1 kg
The full flight weight is around 2 kg.

3D Anaglyph photo