The key advantages of Ecilop drones compared to other commercial light multi-copters (the list was compiled at the end of 2011):

1. The use of an onboard battery as a counterweight for the camera unit enhances the stabilization effect.

2. The use of a counterweight enables the implementation of a compact, lightweight and rigid rotation mechanism.

3. The relocation of the battery to the stabilized platform produces a favorable effect on the maneuverability of the drone.

4. Absence of a hard connection with the servo-unit prevents camera jerks and jitter.

5. Adjustable fixtures make it possible to easily obtain accurate balancing of the camera gimbal in three dimensions.

6. Precise balancing of the camera mount makes it possible to use lightweight and fast servo-units.

7. Electronic gyroscopes are installed on the stabilizable part of the camera mount and prevent swaying.

8. Soft shock absorbers suppresses vibrations in a wide range of frequencies.

9. Shock absorbers are installed on the same level with rotation axis, which prevents camera swaying during maneuvering.

10. Onboard electronics is installed on the platform with shock absorbers. The increased weight of the platform makes it more stable.

11. Autopilot accelerometers are better protected from vibrations and therefore produce more accurate results.

12. The matching of the vertical center of mass of the drone with the rotor rotation plane decreases drone swaying during maneuvering.

13. The leaning of rotor blades towards of the drone's center improves stability and widens the camera's viewing angle.

14. The camera is fastened using a lens clamp. This type of fixture is more reliable, compact and weighs less than an underlying platform.

The stabilization system described above can be implemented on multi-copters and any other types of vehicles. This stabilization principle is technically feasible for mounts with any number of axes (one, two, three stabilization axes). The technology is patented.

The invention of this new inertial stabilization system was preceded by a number of experiments conducted with other designs: mounts with a ring around the camera; mounts with mechanical gyroscopes; "double servo-drive" was patented.

Video "Ecilop-1"

Video "Ecilop-2"