Smart wearables with tactile display (2016)

Optical remote control system (2015)

Wired Power Supply for Drones (2015)

Stabilized platform for cinematographic equipment (2015-2017)

Inertial internal camera gimbal (2014)

Force Servo (2013)

World first RC solar multicopter (2013)

Camera mounts with an air motor (2013)

Active vibration damper for a camera mount (2012)

Control Moment Gyroscope (2012)

First serial drone for a long range stereoscopic shooting (2012)

First serial drone with a counterbalanced camera mount (2011)

A custom-built drone (2011)

The rescuing system for a light pilotless aircraft (2011)

A plane and a helicopter for long-range stereoscopic filming (2010)

Automated pointing of the video-camera to the object, selected for shooting (2009)

Double servo drive for a camera mount (2009)

Mechanical gyroscope for a camera mount (2009)

Design and manufacturing of controlled and stabilized platforms for cameras (2009)

Remote control for onboard pyrotechnics (2008)

The night lighting for R/C helicopter (2008)

Automatic control of the ultra-low flight altitude (2007)

Mixing of music rhythms with the model control signal (2009)

Small electronic devices (2009)

A multiplexor for onboard receivers
A universal photo/video camera controller
A timer for servo
Analog balancer for lithium batteries

Experiments and articles (2008):

High-voltage aircraft (EHD, lifter, ionocraft)

Kinetic motors and generators, reactionless thrust (refutation)

Adjusting of the pitch without using a pitch_gauge

Servo modifications

Onboard camera

Onboard pyrotechnics

Production of electric fuses

Using hydrogen for filling aerostats

Impulse electrolysis of water (refutation)

Measurement of changes of relative time density (refutation)

Strengthening the emotional perception of rhythmic sounds

Mechanical units for the expandable device

World Intellectual Property Organization Award (2013)

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