Truing instrument

Equipment for bicycle wheel truing stand: a wrench with a torque sensor,
dual optical displacement sensors, an indicator and an adjustable fixture

The truing instrument Lora is designed to check and align bicycle wheels during the production process and at service centers. The instrument simplifies the workflow and speeds up new employees' training. Actual wheel deformation values are displayed, providing an objective assessment of the result and consistent quality. A torque sensor built into the wrench allows maintaining the spoke tension within the required range of values.

Due to optical sensors, the device operates noiselessly and is durable. When compared to the most common technical solutions, the ergonomic indicator of the new device allows workers to maintain the correct posture and preserve eyesight during continuous work. The information is displayed optimized for peripheral vision. Workers do not have to focus their vision on the indicator to read information about wheel disc displacement and the torque of the wrench.

Due to the torque displayed, the worker will never miss under-tensioned or over-tensioned spokes. The discrete display of values increases productivity. Workers reach the target value and can start working on the next wheel.

One billion bicycles are currently in use worldwide. In mass production, it is possible to align 100 wheels on one bench in one work shift. If workers' wages exceed 1,000 Euros and labor productivity increases by tens of percent, such a device will pay off in a few months when used in production.